Theme Hymn

Official Theme Hymn (revised version)

Minor revisions were made to the melody line of the verses. A new recording of the Theme Hymn has recently been made and can be downloaded below. The sheet music below corresponds with the revised version.

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Downloadable Sheet Music

Choir and piano

Choir and guitar chords

About the Theme Song

The Theme Song has a very simple melody which can be picked up very easily by any congregation. On the other hand there is lots of scope for choirs and musicians to use the extra Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Base parts and instrument scores. There is also a setting with guitar chords which might be suitable for use at prayer meetings or other events.  “Elation Ministries” have recorded a different version of the hymn, which is given below.

Theme Song:

Jesus Lord
Your Name is Holy

Composed by: The Poor Clare Sisters, Galway

Arranged by: Julianne Woods
and Ian Callanan

©The Poor Clares, Galway

Please note that this hymn and all the arrangements may be used without obtaining permission for any non-profit purpose relating to Church or prayer ministry. Permission must be sought if it is to be used for any other purpose.


Theme Hymn – Elation Mix

Download – Play herePlay Video

This version of the Theme Hymn was recorded by “Elation Ministries”, an Irish group who aim to bring the Gospel to people through music and song. It is a reflective, prayerful mix in a contemporary style. It is important for choirs to note that in this interpretation, the tune for the verses varies considerably from the original score in the downloadable sheet music.

Happy Singing!

The Poor Clares, Galway