Collecting Information on the Holy Name Tiles

There are, more than likely, many anecdotes and stories still in circulation relating to these tiles. They are to be seen in the friary cities of Galway, Cork and Limerick. They can also be seen in some smaller towns like Ennis in Co. Clare and Tuam in Co Galway. As yet there is no full record available regarding all the locations of the tiles. Hopefully, this Year will be an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the locations and condition of these tiles. If there are Holy Name tiles in your area in a location that hasn’t yet been mentioned or highlighted in this website please let us know. Similarly, if you know any stories about particular people, whether religious or lay, who were associated with the Holy Name tiles in your area we would be glad of any information you can offer. Needless to say all images of monograms throughout the country will be gratefully received. Perhaps at some point we will have enough images to put a gallery together.

Please send any information you may have to:

Trisha Gallagher at

Holy Name Tile information collator