Prayer for blessing of icons


Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
O Lord, God of the whole spiritual and perceptible creation,
the Maker of the heavenly hosts,
the earthly beings and all that is under the earth,
You have filled Your Church with the likeness of the First-Born;
our names are written in Your Heavenly Church
And we minister to You in the Your Holy Spirit.

Grant, O Lord God, that Your all powerful right hand
may protect, bless and sanctify this icon
for the adoration of Your Most Honoured  Name.
May all those who call upon You in true faith
and ask of Your compassion with a pure heart,
receive their good  requests and offer to You
first fruits and oblations for obtaining health and healing
and for the  salvation of their souls.

We beseech You and make supplication to You
to accomplish Your  command and fulfil the promise of Your Most Holy Spirit
so that  the Gospel precept may dwell, operate, perfect and be diligent
regarding every  deed or word that is done or said in the name of this icon.

We ask this favour by Your loving kindness,
the mercies and the goodness  of Your Only- begotten Son,
Our Lord and Saviour  Jesus Christ,
with Whom,  belongs with You, all  praise, honour and dominion with Your Holy Spirit,
now, always and forever and ever. Amen.

Priest; O Lord, by the prayers of Your Mother and of all Your saints, martyrs, apostles and St Francis and St Clare.

Here he anoints the icon with oil, not chrism, saying;

In the Name of the Father—
Deacon; Amen
And the Son —
Deacon; Amen
And of the Holy Spirit + for life eternal.
Deacon; AMEN

Prayer for Iconographer

Lord Jesus, indefinable in your Divine nature,
who in the fullness of time deigned to be born  of the Virgin Mary
for the salvation of the world ;

True God, through whom the Holy Spirit enlightened your Apostle and Evangelist Luke, so that he could render the beauty of your Most pure Mother ,
as she held you in her arms  as a small child, Divine Master of all that exists.

Enlighten the mind of your servant who loves the beauty of your house.
Direct his hands so that he may continue to worthily paint your image,
and that of your Most pure Mother, and of all the saints ,
for your glory and honour,
and for the beauty of your Church.

Deliver him from all temptation
through the intercession of  your  Holy Mother,
of the  Apostles and Evangelists  Luke and John, and all the saints. Amen.


Lord God, bless + us and all who stand in awe before you, and through this holy icon, grant that we may be mindful of your glory and hopeful for a place in your heavenly kingdom, for you are a good and merciful God and you love mankind; and for this we send up glory to you Father, to your Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, both now and for ever and to the ages of ages. Amen