From St Anthony of Padua

The Name of Jesus Oil has five properties; It floats on the surface of any liquid, It softens hard things, It sweetens bitter things, It is a source of light and provides nourishment for the body. The name Jesus has similar properties: it excels every other name, it softens the hardest of hearts, it sweetens...

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St Bernard of Clairvaux

Light and Food “What can so enrich the soul that reflects upon it the holy name of Jesus? What can strengthen the virtues, beget good and honorable dispositions, foster holy affections? Dry is every kind of spiritual food which this oil does not moisten. Tasteless, whatever this salt does not season. If you write, your...

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St Alphonsus Liguori

“His Name was called Jesus.” Luke, 2:21. This great name of Jesus was not given by man, but by God himself; “The name of Jesus,” says St. Bernard, “was first preordained by God.” It was a new name: A new Name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name. A new name, which God alone...

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